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Leather Car Seat Repairs

Love your car just as much as we do ours?  Is your car suffering from loss of colour to your driver or passenger seat bolster and looking a little sad? Do you want to open your car door and the colour loss be gone?  Well if you are living in Glasgow area why not take advantage of our fixed price offer of £70.00 to repair the damage for you.    Single bolster only subject to inspection. Typically to repair damage as shown below would normally cost from £95.00.


Send your booking enquiry quoting BOLSTER17AS via our enquiry contact page.

Offer is valid on bookings taken until the 30 August 2017

Don’t feel like using the internet call me on 07889028640 to book an appointment at our Hamilton Workshop

Clean and Protect Offer

Almost everyday your leather car seats are subjected to wear and tear as you drive to work or to the shops or if you are lucky off for a long weekend.  Common issues encountered are dirt transfer from our clothes, that last bit of sandwich or drop of coffee that you missed and dropped onto the seat.

In time this will result in your seats becoming dirty and worn.  Don’t worry we can help you to get them back to how they should look and feel.

We professionally clean, protect and repair automotive interiors.   Through to the end of August 2017 we are offering a fantastic opportunity to have your seats cleaned and protected by Altosportivo Leather Repair.

White Leather Seats Part Clean
White Leather Seats Part Clean

Offer available until the end of August 2017  subject to booking availability




Small Car (MiTo, GTV, Mini, 500 size) Full interior                      £ 70 £35

Medium Car (147, 156, Golf, Astra, Focus 5dr) Full Interior £ 90 £45

Large Car (166, Audi A8, VW Passat CC) Full Interior             £120 £60

Send your booking enquiry quoting CLEAN17AS via our contact page 

Don’t feel like using the internet call me on 07889028640 to book an appointment.

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